Alix Finds His Forever Home

Alix, along with his younger sister, entered foster care in 2016. He remained in foster care for the next five years, at which time he was referred to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK), the signature program of The Dave Thomas Foundation. WWK adoption recruiters focus on finding forever families for those kids lingering in foster care – kids age 9 and above, sibling groups, and children with special needs. Alix had experienced significant trauma caused by maltreatment and being removed from his biological family. This trauma led to behavioral issues and a lack of trust in adults while in foster care. Meanwhile, his younger sister was adopted.

In December 2022, Alix transitioned into a new foster home – the Bowmar’s. According to his WWK recruiter, the Bowmar’s were the perfect fit for Alix. Some even referred to them as “the unicorn family.” It quickly became evident that Alix had found his home thanks to his WWK recruiter. Eventually Alix and his recruiter began to discuss adoption, the role of a family, the transition into a permanent placement and confirm his understanding. His recruiter also connected the Bowmar family with the adoptive parents of Alix’s younger sister, who he often spoke of and hoped to stay connected. In addition, his WWK recruiter worked with him to address his social skills both at home and school, while also setting boundaries for interaction when feeling overwhelmed. As time went on, Alix transformed into a “confident, social butterfly”, according to his recruiter.  On August 24, 2023, Alix’s adoption was finalized. He was now officially a Bowmar. According to his parents, Alix is doing well in school, has several friends, and is enjoying sleepovers with his cousin. He’s also excited to start high school soon. The Villages is honored to partner with the Dave Thomas Foundation and lead the WWK program in Indiana, working to ensure every child has a loving family and permanent home.

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