How to Get Involved with The Villages

For the over 3,100 children and families served each day by The Villages, your help and support provides hope. Because of abuse or neglect, the children’s lives have been disrupted, but The Villages can provide stability, permanency, and love through the generosity of others.

Whether that love comes from a foster parent who has opened his or her heart and home to a child in need; a staff team member who works tirelessly behind the scenes to protect a child from harm; a corporate partner who donates funds to support one of The Villages’ programs; a volunteer who assists with fundraising events or projects; or a special friend of The Villages who donates holiday gifts to brighten up these special days, each one makes a lasting impact on the future of our children!

It takes a combined effort from the community to help make a difference in the lives of these young children. Become a champion for children by getting involved today.

Donations of funds and resources can mean the world to a child.

Give today.

There are so many ways to get involved through our fundraising and family events.

Find out how you can help.