Family Connection Network

Kinship/relative care is the full-time care, nurturing, and protection of children by relatives, godparents, stepparents, or any adult who has a kinship bond with a child including a friend, teacher, or acquaintance. Since its inception in 2002, The Villages Family Connection Network, a voluntary program, has collaborated with several community partners to provide supportive services to kinship families. The program is currently available to those who reside in Marion and surrounding counties.

Direct Supports

Economic stability and family well-being are related and increasing these supports can be a strategy to keep families together. The Family Connection Network provides caregivers raising relative children full-time under the age of 18 with a “financial boost” in order to remove financial barriers to caregiving.

To be eligible for assistance, caregivers must be individuals or families providing full-time care for children ages 0-18.

The referral application for direct concrete assistance below must be completed by a Villages staff member, community agency worker, family case manager, service provider, or school social worker.

Families cannot refer themselves for assistance.

Questions about concrete supports: Email or contact Jeff Wittman at 317-501-0396.

Support Services Program

  • Case Management and community links to service providers for caregivers ages 55+
  • Respite activities
  • Support groups
  • Youth scholarships
  • Annual kinship retreat

Questions about support groups and additional kinship services: Families can self-refer for support services. Email or call 317-476-0697.



Learn more about the families we serve by watching the videos below: