Meet Jaden and Remy

Jaden and Remy, ages 3 and 4, had been with their Villages’ foster family for three years. Due to neglect Jaden had significant medical issues and was developmentally delayed.


In early 2021, Jaden and Remy’s mother was released from prison and was granted visitation. After three years of caring and loving these kids, even brief visits with the birth mother was devastating to the foster parents. Sadly, a few months after being released from prison and only having had a handful of visits with her children, the birth mother was murdered. Her sudden death caused the foster parents tremendous guilt for their prior feelings and also grief. Their foster children’s mother was gone forever.


Over time, the foster parents forged a strong relationship with the birth mother’s family, who remained involved in the children’s lives. With their support, Jaden and Remy were adopted by their foster family on June 30th of 2023.  The biological extended family attended the adoption hearing, where they learned that the children’s middle names were going to be changed. Remy’s middle name was changed to her birth mother’s name. Jaden’s middle name was changed to his birth mother’s last name. The family was overcome with emotion when they learned of the name change and overjoyed that the children’s mother was being honored. Her name would carry on.  


This foster and adoption journey is a wonderful example of how The Villages’ foster parents grow in their understanding and have empathy for birth parents and the histories and stories that accompany the children for whom they care. 


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