Volunteer Spotlight: Kaylee Tipmore, Children’s Village Indianapolis

Ask anyone at Children’s Village Indianapolis about Kaylee Tipmore and they will tell you how invaluable she is to the educational center.

“She is a wonderful asset to our school and we enjoy having her here with us,” said Denise Ferrell, the center’s director.

Kaylee began volunteering after her mom called the center to ask if there were opportunities to assist staff.  Fourteen years later, Kaylee is still at Children’s Village enjoying her role as a volunteer. She greets parents, assists teachers, helps prepare food carts and plays with the children enrolled at the center.

“I thought she would only come for a little while.  I never dreamed that she would still be here 14 years later. She comes every day for eight hours each day and doesn’t like it when she has to miss,” Ferrell said.

Kaylee says she loves her role at Children’s Village and enjoys watching the kids learn new things.

We are grateful for Kaylee and the many volunteers who serve at The Villages. Are you interested in serving children and families at The Villages as a volunteer? Click here to learn more.

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