Villages Spotlight: Zenova Williams

Case managers at The Villages are vital to bridging relationships between the child in foster care and the foster family and all the resource connections needed to support the child while in placement. We are privileged to have Zenova Williams on our team of case managers.

Zenova works in our Kokomo office and takes pride in meeting the needs of children in foster care. 

“Their needs are our needs,” says Zenova, now in her second year at The Villages. “We desire to provide safe, nurturing homes for children, as well as to compile resources for any family we serve.”

Zenova says she enjoys working with children and foster families at The Villages, and the entire staff does their part to ensure each individual receives the best resources to be successful. The work impacts the staff just as much as the children and families they serve, Zenova says. 

“Not only are we working to change their lives, but they also are changing our lives daily, which is a true blessing,” she says.

Zenova’s work with children and families at The Villages helped to launch an important initiative to encourage foster parents to learn about the proper care and products for African American hair. The Villages now has African American hair care products available for foster families at offices across the state. Zenova says the initiative is one of her proudest moments at The Villages.

Whether you or a Villages employee, foster parent, donor or volunteer, Zenova believes there is a place for everyone to make a difference.

“There is no better time to get involved to help change lives than NOW!,” Zenova says. “There is a child or family who could use your love, care, or even just thoughts/prayers.”


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