Adoption | Learning to Open Your Door to Children

The Villages helps children every day who are searching for a loving home and secure family. These families, the Scanlands and the Morgans, chose adoption as a way to provide just that.

Erica Morgan is the daughter of Joe and Tami Scanland, and her parents showed her early on how important it is for children to have connections with someone who cares for them.  Erica remembers that her mother was always opening her door to children in need.  The Scanlands and Morgans were introduced to The Villages by a neighbor who had fostered children through us and are now next door neighbors themselves.  Erica feels lucky to have her parents so close.

 The Adoption

Erica and Eric Morgan have four biological children and were foster parents to two little girls who were eventually returned to their biological families.  About the same time the girls were returned to their families a foster child named Andrew entered their lives.  Originally, he was placed with Erica’s parents.  But, just as Erica’s children called Tami “nanny”, Andrew also called Erica “mom”.  It was obvious that Andrew was a Morgan, and his adoption was recently finalized.  He has happily joined this extended family.

The Scanlands and Morgans appreciate the way The Villages offers support to the whole family, and enjoy the opportunities that come from that involvement.  Erica believes the reason they have had a successful experience is because they treat all the children in their home the same, regardless if they are biological or adoptive.  The Villages, the Morgans, and the Scanlands demonstrate the importance of partnerships that help children grow up in healthy environments.

Through this story we hope you are able to understand the difference The Villages can make in the life of a child.  We strive to be champions for children and help them find a good home.  The Scandlands and Morgans are such a unique story and one we love to tell.  The love of children reached into the next generation for this family and continues today.

If you want to help us continue to create stories like these please consider attending our signature fundraising event, CHAIRish the Children.  Not only is it a fun event to attend but, most importantly, the proceeds help us continue to help families like the Scanlands and Morgan service children through the state of Indiana.

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