Staff Spotlight: Nancy Yeakle

Nancy Yeakle is an Administrative Assistance in The Villages’ Marion-Anderson Office and has been with The Villages for seven years. Nancy manages, organizes and prioritizes the operation of her office while assisting direct-care staff. She works with the foster families in her region to ensure their licensing is current, plans trainings for staff, and organizes support groups for clients. Nancy also fosters relationships with outside companies who support the Marion-Anderson foster children and families. We recently ask Nancy a few questions about her job assisting The Villages in their mission of championing families and children.

The Villages: Why did you choose a career in child welfare?
Nancy: I love working with families and children.
The Villages: Please share one inspiring experience you had in the last year?
Nancy: Last summer our region had a support group for pool safety. The party was at the city pool and we were the only ones there! All of our foster parents and their children (foster, adopted, and biological children) and staff from our office were there. We had a pitch in and it was awesome…just like one big family.
The Villages: What can the community do to help you, and The Villages, better serve vulnerable children and families?
Nancy: Be aware that we are here to help children and families.
The Villages: What is your wish for The Villages and/or the children you work with?
Nancy: For The Villages to continue helping children and families to become happy and bonded!


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