Staff Spotlight: A.J. Broxon

Amelia (A.J.) Broxon has been a social worker with The Villages for the last 15 years. She has helped countless children and families over the years, and is a valued member of The Villages’ team. We recently asked her a few questions. Learn more about A.J.

The Villages: Why did you choose a career in child welfare?

A.J.: I love children, and have always been drawn to provide services to assist youth. I am a helper and caregiver. I believe the world can be changed and changes can begin with the youth.

The Villages: Please share one inspiring experience you had in the last year?

A.J.: One of the many inspirational experiences includes seeing youth successfully move from graduating high school to entering a college program and being successful as they move to a job they enjoy. I have also seen successful connections for youth to begin adult relationships with their families and discover their ability to manage their own apartment.

The Villages: What can the community do to help you, and The Villages, better serve vulnerable children and families?

A.J.: Be patient and willing to give the youth a chance to show their true abilities. Continue to provide supportive resources both financial and through groups, volunteers and mentors. Take a chance and believe in a youth.

The Villages: What is your wish for The Villages and/or the children you work with?

A.J.: I wish all youth could experience positive, hopeful relationships so they gain confidence and feel successful as they develop and contribute their talents within the community and society.

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