Richard Skirvin finds loving homes for kids – #OurVillagesFamily

Richard Skirvin, LCSW, ACSW, Admissions Director at The Villages

“What will tomorrow be like…Who will take care of me now…Will I get to go back to the same school…Will my sister be able to come with me…When will I see my mom again?”

In 2015, nearly 20,000 children were removed from their homes as children in need of services, leaving them with unanswered questions about what happens next. These questions would be difficult for anyone to face…let alone a child. At The Villages, we know our foster parents are some of the greatest in the country and our dedicated Admissions Directors get to work with them to help provide a safe, stable and nurturing home that each child deserves!

Meet Richard Skirvin, one of The Villages’ passionate Admissions Directors. Best known as, “Skirv,” his humor and spunky personality reaches many while serving children and families in need throughout 37 of the 92 Indiana counties. Part of Skriv’s everyday responsibility is finding a home for children that are referred to The Villages from the Department of Child Services, CHOICES, and the Public Defender’s Office. On average Skirv is placing about 2-3 children with a licensed Villages’ foster parent(s) a week. He provides an individualized service for children and families that takes an extraordinary amount of attention, care and respect for both foster parents and the children who have entered the foster care system.

Many factors are taken into consideration as part of this decision-making process. A complete assessment of a child and their needs is completed, along with any family background information provided from the referring agency is reviewed so that Skirv is able to determine which foster parent and home is the best possible match. After all questions have been answered, Skirv personally makes phone calls to Villages foster parents to determine their interest and willingness to accept that particular child in their home. At The Villages we know that this process, and the actual placement of a child in the right foster home, is the most important aspect in allowing children to have positive outcomes within our care. We believe whole heartedly in making the appropriate match for both the child and foster parent to create the stability and love that every child deserves. This is why 89% or 9 out of 10 of The Villages’ foster children were in only one foster home in 2015.

For the past nine years, Skriv has developed truly meaningful relationships with Villages’ foster parents and case managers to best ensure that any child referred to The Villages’ is going to be placed in the most promising and beneficial foster home. Thus, allowing a child’s individual needs and right to flourish in a healthy, nurturing, and stable home to be fulfilled. Skriv truly is an advocate for children and believes all children deserve loving acceptance! “I believe foster parents are compassionate, well trained and willing to welcome some of the most challenging children into their home. That takes a wonderful, patient person!” – Richard Skirvin

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