We are pleased to share one of our most impactful endeavors in 2023. Last year, The Villages of Indiana successfully fulfilled 552 concrete support requests, providing critical assistance to families and individuals facing various challenges. The programs benefiting from these concrete supports include Family Connection Network, Family Preservation Services, Foster Care, and Older Youth Services.

A total of $241,417.62 was disbursed, making a significant difference in the lives of those we serve. This support extended across critical categories such as rent/housing, utilities, childcare, food, medical expenses, transportation, clothing, household items, and school supplies/uniforms. Notably, the total includes funds allocated to convert a second living room into a bedroom, enabling a foster parent to welcome another youth into their home. Financial assistance was also provided for an emergency root canal during travel out of state.

Concrete support funding plays a pivotal role in the success of The Villages’ programs. It goes beyond financial aid, embodying a commitment to providing stability and safety for children in need. This support acts as a crucial buffer, preventing further trauma resulting from abrupt moves or potential entry into the child welfare system.

Moreover, concrete support is instrumental in allowing parents to focus on the emotional well-being of their children and themselves. By alleviating the burden of certain bills and the costs of essential needs, we empower families to cultivate stronger bonds and achieve their goals. It is more than just a rental payment or a bed; it is a lifeline that strengthens the foundation of our community.

Concrete support is a vital component of The Villages’ mission to build brighter futures for children, youth, and those who care for them. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our generous supporters, partners, and volunteers who make these efforts possible. Together we are making a difference, building a stronger, more stable and resilient community.

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