Program director for Dad’s Inc. discusses his passion for fatherhood

Meet Brian Carter: A 21-year Villages’ team member and current program director of Dad’s Inc., but most importantly a father to his two sons, ages 23 and 25.

We recently sat down with Brian to hear his passion for fatherhood and his vision of Dad’s Inc. As this father of two young men describes his parenting style, he shares his greatest joy of being a father as, “seeing the plays executed and mastered” by his children. Throughout the programs Brian leads for Dad’s Inc., he references a metaphor he feels is relatable to most dads: parents are the coach and their kids are the player. Brian raised his children, now young men, by coaching and teaching them the ‘plays’ of life. With the voice of a preacher, Brian tells of the deep satisfaction of seeing the success his children have achieved or as he describes ‘mastered’ from those teachings.

During this interview, Brian does a quick search through YouTube on “Fatherlessness” showing numerous documentaries and videos with impacting stories on the results of fatherless children. Brian is passionate about the outcry, supported through research, on the undeniable, detrimental effects on a child growing up without a father. A goal of Dad’s Inc. is to spread the word to the audience who can change these statistics: dads! Dad’s Inc. provides dads with resources and education to make life long, informed decisions of being an active father in their child’s life regardless of race, ethnicity or social economic class.

Brian teaches a class called Nurturing Fathers, through Dad’s Inc, in Indiana prisons and offers several pieces of advice to incarcerated dads. One suggestion is to “Keep a journal. Write down every time you think of your child, write down your feelings of missing them”, says Brian.   He continues, “It doesn’t matter if you won’t see your child until they are 12 years old; just imagine the impact of this journal you wrote for them. They will know you cared…and do care.” What profound advice for many dads whose children’s lives are deeply affected by their incarceration, but can also relate to those dads who are prevented, in other ways, from being actively engaged with their child(ren).

To Brian, Dad’s Inc. is “supporting dads emotionally through programs and services, building their recognition of the importance to be present in their children’s lives and spreading the message that dads aren’t forgotten or a secondary parent.” “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, allow yourself to recover and try harder the next time,” says Brian. As we end this month of June and honoring fathers, The Villages would like to thank Brian Carter for being a passionate advocate for dads and children, you are a true inspiration!

If you’d like to join Dad’s Inc. or interested in more information visit our website or contact Brain at

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