In the Spotlight – Meet Sue Orlosky, Foster Care Licensing Unit Team Leader

Sue Orlosky has worked at The Villages for 12 years. In her current role, Sue has been invaluable in assisting families and children at The Villages in a variety of services. Her commitment to The Villages was even more evident this month as she helped to manage the more than 600 inquiries from across the state over the holiday season as numerous news reports focused on the critical need for foster parents.

For this mother of two, her role at The Villages is more than a job, it’s a service to enrich the lives of Indiana’s most vulnerable children.

What do you most enjoy about your job at The Villages?  I enjoy assisting and supporting parents in their role as caregivers in addition to strengthening families through education and community services.

What has been your most rewarding experience so far during your job at The Villages? It has been great to witness family successes through reunification, kinship and adoption. It is most rewarding to work with people of different backgrounds, races and abilities with the mission of supporting children in these safe, caring and supportive families.

Working as a member of The Villages’ team is an exciting and empowering experience. Each member is valued, communication is open, team members learn from each other, there is greater workforce flexibility, and opportunities for synergistic combinations of ideas and abilities to create services that benefit families.

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