Celebrating a forever home for Italy

Alyssa, far left, with Italy and her mom, Chiquita, celebrate after her adoption is approved.

It’s always an exciting moment at The Villages when a child finds a forever family. Italy’s adoption in November was no exception. After more than three years of being a foster parent to Italy, Chiquita says she is elated to call her “daughter.”

 “She has a beautiful, optimistic personality,” she says. “I am so happy to adopt her and excited about our future together.”

 Eight-year-old Italy has settled in nicely to her new home and enjoys helping others at her school and in her community, Chiquita says. In fact, she is encouraging her mom to welcome additional foster children.

 Alyssa Hermes, Therapeutic Foster Care, Team Lead, at The Villages, joined Italy and Chiquita for the big day. As their case worker, Alyssa developed a close bond with the mother and daughter.

 “Italy and Chiquita are two of the most amazing people I know and tangible proof of what happens when you commit to permanency and doing what’s best for a child.” Alyssa says. “Chiquita never wavered in her commitment to acting in Italy’s best interest and their love grew to be as mutually unconditional is it possibly could be.”



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