24/7 Dental Provides for Villages’ Kids

Community relationships are vital to The Villages and the ongoing successful outcomes for the children in our care. In early October an informational meet & greet with Dr. Ankit Patel, DMD, MS and founder of 24/7 Dental, provided an opportunity to for our foster and kinship care parents to engage with a local dentist. Dr. Patel and his team provided education on the importance of preventative care and oral hygiene; what a visit will look like for a child prior to two years old; and answered many questions from parents like “how to do I get my six year old to brush their teeth” or “how do I handle bottle tooth decay”.  

This new partnership didn’t happen by accident. Rob Triplett, Commercial Banker at Old National Bank and member of The Villages’ Advisory Council, introduced Dr. Patel to The Villages nearly 3 years ago. Rob’s passion and commitment to The Villages has brought many opportunities for children and families and has opened the door to free dental care for The Villages’ Central Indiana children in care.  

24/7 Dental wanted to impact children and youth beyond providing education and support of our foster parents. Thinking big impact, Dr. Patel and team established the first-ever “Dental Day” for children and youth last month, on October 27th  at their Anderson Office. The Villages’ and 24/7 Dental staff went above and beyond to ensure that transportation was not a barrier, families had snacks and dinner available after their appointment times, and provided dental exams, check-ups, and services to nearly ten children on this inaugural day, free of charge.  “Every time I hear them say ‘free’, I’m brought to tears”, says Jess Degenhardt, Regional Supervisor for Foster Care. “It is difficult to find a doctor that not only accepts Medicaid [which each foster child is provided through the State of Indiana], but also has an appointment available. This is so helpful for all our children and foster families. Thank you!”, says Degenhardt.  

Dental Day is just the start of a very exciting opportunity to not only provide the appropriate dental care for each child, but also provide financial assistance to the selfless caregivers who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need. “Anything that Medicaid does not cover, 24/7 Dental will pay the remaining cost. My staff love children and are thrilled to provide care for each child that comes through our door. October 27th was an amazing day,” says Dr. Patel.  

Thank you 24/7 Dental, Dr. Patel, and Rob Triplett for your generosity!  


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Dr. Ankit Patel received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University in Biology and went on to receive his Masters in Biology as well there. Dr. Patel then went on to graduate with a DMD degree from Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry. Ultimately, Dr. Patel went on to graduate from West Virginia University School of Dentistry’s Prosthodontics Residency Program in 2014. He moved to Indianapolis in 2015 and really likes living back in his home state. With the help of his team, Dr. Patel launched a dental practice called 24/7 Dental in Cincinnati, OH in 2017. Since then, two more locations have been opened (Columbus, IN and Anderson, IN). Moreover, he is very thrilled to announce their new upcoming location on northwest side of Indianapolis seeking to serve patients by January 2022. 

Robert L Triplett Jr. is a Commercial Banker at Old National Banker, with responsibilities to a Commercial Portfolio that includes Loan and Revenue Growth, Client Management, Service, and Support. He supports a wide variety of business clients but specializes in healthcare providers, dentists, and investment real estate. Triplett has a passion to be a trusted advisor and using his networking abilities to add value to his clients. Prior to his current role in Indianapolis, he was a lender in the South Bend, Indiana region for nearly 10 years. He joined Old National Bank in 2014 with experience from 1st Source Bank in South Bend, Indiana. He began his career through a Corporate Trainee Program that gave him experience in Retail Banking, Marketing, Credit Underwriting, Commercial Sales, Management, and Networking. Prior to his banking career, he was a graduate of Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. He is also a 2009 MBA Graduate of Anderson University.  As a native of Flint, Michigan, Triplett has been in involved in many community activities. He currently serves on the Advisory Council for The Villages. He also serves on the Irsay YMCA board of directors. He is also a past graduate of the Elkhart Leadership Academy and South Bend Leadership Academy.  He has also served as a board member for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Boys and Girls club, and a variety of programs focused on children and youth development. He spends his free time networking, golfing, attending sporting events and concerts. 

 24/7 Dental offers same day dental treatment ranging from extractions, root canals, dental implants, and dentures. Our patients can expect the highest level of customer service from our dental care staff, which includes some of the most skilled and trained individuals in the dental field. From dental cleanings, fillings, and crowns to same day root canals, we take care of everything in-house. Our team of dentists is here to help you with your oral health and our goal is to help you maintain it with regular dental checkups. We truly offer a practice devoted to comprehensive dentistry and puts an emphasis on sound preventative dentistry.  


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