The Blind Side

By Taryn Stark and Maggy McDaniel

This story is not fictitious. Michael Oher was an abused and neglected child in Tennessee not too many years ago. Because the Tuohy family recognized his great need, the young Michael was able to spend the rest of his teenage years in a healthy and loving family. As a result of this, Michael lives a fulfilling life surrounded by love. To learn more about his story, please visit this link:

The reality is that there are countless children without homes, without families. The Villages of Indiana recognizes this sad fact, and has pledged to do something about it. We invite you to do the same.

IARCCA Executive Director, Cathy Graham, found “The Blind Side” to be a powerful inspiration: “The movie tells about the trust that develops and the challenges involved in merging two cultures, as well as the great gifts that both the family and the youth gained in the process of becoming family to one another. To see the resiliency of the young man, Michael Oher, who now plays professional football for the Baltimore Ravens, should continue to inspire the efforts of all of us who work with vulnerable youth. There are many more youth like Michael Oher in our communities; they just need a chance to have loving homes, adults who care about them and who will go the extra mile for them, and teachers and mentors who are committed to their success through the many challenges that youth face….Are we doing all that we can to help these vulnerable youth achieve success?”

The truth is that there are real kids in our state, our county that live without true homes. Our neighboring children, like Michael Oher, have never had a bed before, never experienced life as many of us have experienced it; as it should be experienced. The Villages is Indiana’s largest not-for-profit child and family services agency. As the month of April is Child Abuse Prevention month, we are committed to raising awareness of child maltreatment throughout Indiana and hopefully the world. If you are interested in getting involved with The Villages or learning more about our organization, please contact us:

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