Meet Savannah

Savannah lost her parents at a young age. She was placed in the care of the Department of Child Services and eventually went to live with a family member. Unfortunately, Savannah was separated from her younger siblings. Over time, Savannah advocated for visits with her siblings and to maintain that connection. Because of Savannah’s perseverance she and her siblings were reunited and placed within the same foster family.

During her high school years, Savannah was diagnosed with a severe health issue, and endured multiple long hospital stays and hence missed a lot of school. But this didn’t stop Savannah from reaching her education goals. She graduated on schedule and was accepted to Indiana State University. It was at this time that Savannah entered the Older Youth Services (OYS) program with The Villages.

During her college years, OYS case managers supported Savannah with her college studies as well as other aspects of her life and wellbeing. After eventually switching her major from nursing to health sciences, Savannah earned her bachelor’s degree and then went on to earn her master’s degree in public health at Indiana University. Today, Savannah works at IU Hospital in Bloomington and is considering nursing school in the near future. She remained in the OYS program until age 23. Savannah is now 25, married, and thriving. She still stays in touch with her OYS community, and we could not be more proud of her.

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