Foster Parent Spotlight: Daniel & Roseann

Daniel and Roseann with Hadleigh on the day of her adoption.

The moment Daniel and Roseann became Hadleigh’s foster parents, they fell in love with her. “Hadleigh’s smile, laughter and happiness melted our hearts, and we believed she was a perfect fit for our family. We were eager to begin the journey to make her our daughter,” said Roseann. This spring, 3-year-old Hadleigh was officially adopted by Daniel and Roseann. She joins two other siblings in the family. The couple has fostered 12 children for The Villages over five years, and they plan to open their home to more, once Hadleigh is settled in to her new environment. “It is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and have a positive influence in a child’s life during a time of crisis,” Roseann said.

Daniel and Roseann share more about their life as foster parents.

Tell us about your foster parenting journey and your experience with the The Villages?  

It is heartbreaking that there are far too many children in the system. We believe foster parenting is a powerful way to make a difference, provide hope and have a positive influence in a child’s life during a time of crisis.

We have had a good experience being foster parents for The Villages. The agency has provided needed resources, continuing educational opportunities (including helping us to build skills through ongoing training) and development activities. Additionally, the staff is friendly and supportive. They make it a point to know their foster parents as well as our strengths and weaknesses. They have the children’s best interests at heart, along with the whole family, to ensure the best placements are made.

Please share your journey to adopting Hadleigh.  How long was she in your care before you began the process to adopt?

We are a foster-to-adopt family so Hadleigh came into our home as a pre-adoptive placement. We absolutely fell in love with her from the word go. We jumped in with both feet.  Along the way, we struggled with the what if’s: What if she might be reunified with her birth parents? Then, we settled into the mindset we were going to love her as much as we could for as long as we could and not dwell on the what if’s. The Villages’ staff, particularly Dori and Maggie, our DCS case worker and attorney were fabulous assets.

Are you considering opening your home to more children as a foster parent?

Yes, we plan to open our home to more children, but we want to give a little time to allow Hadleigh to become comfortable, confident and know she is loved by her family, unconditionally.

What would you like to share with those who are undecided about becoming a foster parent or adopting a child?

Do your homework. Check out the agency you’re considering as a partner. You are going to need that team and their wisdom throughout your journey. Most importantly, understand yourself. Why do you want to be a foster parent or adopt? Although it is not always peaches and cream, and there are times you may find yourself scratching your head wondering what you are doing; it is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and have a positive influence in a child’s life during a time of crisis.

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