Five important things you need to know to be a foster parent at The Villages of Indiana

There is an unprecedented need for foster parents in Indiana. As you consider opening your heart and home to a child, here are five important things to know about starting your journey to become a foster parent in Indiana.

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older to be a foster parent in Indiana.
  2. Must have a home (rented or owned) with adequate space to accommodate a child.
  3. The Villages of Indiana prioritizes matching each foster child we’re privileged to serve with a foster family of like ethnicity and background. So foster families of all ethnicities, geographic locations, and backgrounds – including both single and married individuals – are welcomed!
  4. Foster parents in Indiana must complete state licensing requirements that include a criminal background check, 20 hours of pre-service screening, home visits and environmental checks.
  5. The typical time frame to become a foster parent in Indiana is three to six months, depending on the availability of training classes. However, currently, with the drastic need for foster families in Indiana, both The Villages and state licensing officials are working tirelessly to make the licensing process for potential foster families as timely as possible, without compromising the quality of the preparation. This is dependent upon the agency’s staffing resources, the scheduling of training classes and home visits, and the length of time it takes the prospective foster parent to fulfill licensing requirements.

To learn more about foster parenting or begin the process, please complete the inquiry form or contact a representative at a Villages office near you.

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