Villages’ Family Fun

We asked The Villages’ Team to share some of their favorite winter activities! Checkout what they had to say and see if you can create some of these ideas with your loved ones!






We love having a “Hot Chocolate Bar” for our grandkids…and they love it, too! Even amidst COVID, it is a great activity for the garage , driveway or back yard…with heavy “hot cups”, lots of flavors of hot cholate mix to choose from, marshmallows, and personally…because I am a “sweet and salty” gal…I like to use chocolate covered pretzels or even candy canes as stirrers. It is a sugar overload ….YES …. but we’re burning calories staying warm :)! ENJOY!! – Sharon Pierce, Indianapolis






This will be our newest winter tradition, to celebrate our adoption of Liam and Brandon, 2 1/2 years in the making!! We are so excited to be growing our family! – Debbie Messer, Bloomington






A favorite activity for his family is to wear matching, family pajamas! – Drece Guy, Ft. Wayne

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