Retired Educator Enjoys Role as Foster Parent

Peggy’s joy about foster parenting is evident upon meeting her. She instantly shares memorable moments from her experience such as fun family dinners, a first birthday party for a child in her care and the older youth who is now on her own, but often calls Peggy for advice.

The retired Indianapolis Public Schools educator is a foster parent for the second time in her life, this time for over two years.

“I always wanted a house full of kids,” says Peggy, who has one adult son and a grandson. “I feel like I can love them and guide them along the way.”

Currently, Peggy has two teenage girls in her home. They accompany Peggy to several events and community service activities related to her membership in two sororities. The girls even attended a fancy hat luncheon with Peggy.

To prepare for the luncheon, Peggy recalled how she reviewed table etiquette with the girls. During a family dinner at a burger restaurant, she noticed how the girls took her training to heart.

“They cut their burgers in half and (ate) them…they weren’t eating fries with their fingers, but using forks,” Peggy says. “If I can show them something different, maybe it will sink in and (become) life skills they use down the road.”

Peggy is grateful for The Villages for offering the ongoing support she needs as a foster parent.

“Anytime you need something, they are on it. They never tell me no,” she says. “It’s one of the reasons I always say yes when they ask me about respite care. It’s a two-way street. The Villages gives me so much as a foster parent.”

Hear more of Peggy’s story during her testimonial spots that are scheduled to air on Shine.FM.

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