The Economic Impact of Child Abuse

This April, and all year long, The Villages and Prevent Child Abuse Indiana staff members are dedicated to spreading the message that child abuse and neglect are preventable. We all believe that children should live free of abuse or neglect, because a healthy beginning will lead to endless possibilities for children as they grow and develop into functioning members of society. A recent study’s shocking results explain that the United States spends approximately $80 billion each year to address child abuse and neglect. Here are some things to consider:

  • Over 1 million children are abused or neglected each year in the United States – or about two children per minute.
  • Victims of child abuse and neglect have tragic short-term and long-term outcomes including chronic health problems, mental health issues, developmental delays, poor educational well-being, future involvement with the criminal justice system, and lost worker productivity.
  • The Villages is one of Indiana’s largest Healthy Families providers. This evidence-based parent support program works with at risk, first time moms and dads.  Ninety-eight percent of the more than 3,200 families served have NO incidence of child abuse or neglect. The cost averages $4,500 for a full year of services … while one child placed in out of home care can cost six times that much; and more importantly, children are protected from abuse!

If we can help prevent child abuse and neglect from ever occurring, not only will children grow and flourish, but the financial burden our nation faces addressing abuse and neglect will diminish. Investments in prevention are critical! To read the full report published by Prevent Child Abuse America visit their website.

So how can you help? Start with your own children and make them your highest priority! Embrace the child next door to you who seems hungry for affection! Reach out to the parents you know and offer your help! Make a financial investment in Indiana’s children by donating to The Villages and Prevent Child Abuse Indiana today! Together, we can prevent child abuse and neglect from occurring and assure brighter futures for the children in Indiana!

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