Carmen Reeves receives the Service Excellence Award

While holding The National Conference for America’s Children in Jacksonville, Fla., Prevent Child Abuse America and its signature prevention program Healthy Families America honored Carmen Reeves of The Villages’ MOM Project, with the Service Excellence Award for a Family Support Worker.

Carmen has worked with the MOM project with Healthy Families in Indiana since 2003, and in her eleven years with the program has helped more than 180 families in the Indianapolis area. Consistently completing 90 to 100% of her visits every month, Carmen is dedicated to the families she serves and is a critical cog in her program due to her bilingual abilities and cultural experience. Originally from Costa Rica, Carmen is a significant reason for the success of the MOM project.

“Carmen has been instrumental in helping so many families that have migrated to the Indiana area from all over the Americas, each with their own traditions, beliefs and dialects, meeting each family where they are without judging them,” said Claire Joya-DeTorre, a supervisor with The Villages of Indiana in Indianapolis. “In home visits she models activities, interacting with the families while also listening to their concerns and helping them to understand themselves. As a strong team member she is always willing to take others out on shadows and to mentor new staff.  It is a great privilege to nominate her for this award.”

Congratulations Carmen on this great recognition and for your commitment to our kids and families!

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