100 Men Who Cook raises $175,000 for The Villages

What an unforgettable night for children and families at The Villages. Over $175,000 was raised at 100 Men Who Cook on March 7th  in Indianapolis. This annual event, hosted by Old National Bank, includes men from across the community who prepare a dish to raise money for a non-profit organization. The Villages was selected as this year’s recipient. We are grateful for all participants, sponsors and those who donated online.  Very special thanks to several board members and staff from The Villages who participated as chefs and raised significant donations in tips:

Matt Dunn, $4,165.00
Bob Greising, $3,375.00
Rob Triplett, $3,205.00
Joe and Jeff, $2,490.00
John Schmidt, $2,170.00
Ken Ward, $1,350.00
Brian Carter, $1,065
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