Villages Spotlight: Evan Burns

After only nine months at The Villages, Evan, a clinical director, is already making a big impact. He recently launched a support group for foster parents who need additional support after the children they have fostered are placed out of their home. This role is in addition to providing support to therapeutic foster care case managers through supervision and weekly training. He also helps address foster parent concerns and crises that may arise in the home.

“The services we provide enable our families and children to know that they are not alone in this journey and that they will always have an advocate to help them achieve their goals,” Evan says.

One of Evan’s primary responsibilities as a clinical director is helping foster families be successful. He shares the latest techniques with case managers that could be beneficial when working directly with children and foster parents.

“Our foster families truly sacrifice for the love of the children and give their all to help children in their care achieve the happiness they deserve,” Evan says.

Foster parenting is one of the many ways people are making a difference at The Villages.

“Being able to help in any way, even if it is small (gesture), can make a lasting impact on the children and families we serve every day,” he says.

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