Unending Gratitude

Sharon Pierce is the former president and CEO of The Villages. 

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life!  It turns what we have into ENOUGH … and MORE!”

Melody Beattie

Dear Friend of The Villages,

It is impossible to share the FULLNESS OF GRATITUDE I have for the heroic foster, adoptive and kinship families; the children and youth; the dedicated staff; the committed Board of Directors; the selfless volunteers; and EACH OF YOU; as generous partners of The Villages!

Over the years, I have LOVED the privilege of writing stories in The Villages newsletters which introduced you to these amazing individuals, who are the very foundation of The Villages life changing Mission, and providing you with a glimpse of the RESILIENCY of EVERY child, youth, and family we’re honored to serve! So, as a person who loves words, I’m trying to “find the right words” … and today, that is very difficult!

I want to share with you that this “labor of love” that I have been so immersed in, as President & CEO of The Villages for the past 29 years, will soon come to a close.  I have shared with The Villages skilled and committed Board of Directors and staff that I will be retiring in the Spring of 2021.  Matt Hook, Board Chair, and the Board Executive Committee, have already recruited a Transition Team which will be Chaired by Rhonda Yoder Breman, herself a former Board Chair.  Five additional Board Members, including two other former Board Chairs, make up this team, which is rich in both knowledge and experience.  Knowing we have such a strong Transition Team, and knowing, well, The Villages dedicated leaders and staff team — 300 strong — are second to none, I am VERY confident that The Villages future will always be in GREAT hands!

In addition to my own family and my faith, The Villages has been the very core of my life for nearly three decades!  I was honored to work in other child and family service agencies, as well as the State of Indiana, for nearly twenty years, prior to becoming a part of The Villages TEAM … so this is a HUGE and CHALLENGING STEP for me!  But it is also a step which I know is timely!  I will turn 73 next March, and I know that my wonderful husband of 48 years, our four grown children and their spouses, and our seven precious young grandchildren would love a little more NANA TIME, as they call it!

I am committed, 150%, to the critical Mission of The Villages, until our fortunate new CEO is ready to begin.  Yet, I thank you, now, and in the months ahead, for being such a valued partner as we strive, collaboratively, to create and assure BRIGHTER FUTURES for Indiana’s vulnerable children and their families.  Without a doubt, you make me MORE THAN GRATEFUL!   What a privilege we share!


With Deepest Thanks,


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