Turn the Page on 2020

Sharon Pierce is the former president and CEO of The Villages. 

“Nothing In The Universe Can Stop You From Letting Go And Starting Over!”


Dear Friend of Children,
What a perfect “mantra” this is for The Villages as we “Turn the Page” on 2020, and, truly, “START OVER” in 2021! Though we will never forget the challenges that ALL of us faced in 2020, we CAN make the commitment, together, to LET GO of their grip on us, and, with hearts full of HOPE, start over!
That’s exactly what nine-year-old JEREMIAH is doing, as he embraces his new foster family, while his Mother struggles to overcome her addiction to opioids. That’s what siblings MONICA and MATEO are doing, as they settle in and celebrate their adoption with their new Villages “FOREVER FAMILY”, joining their parents, two other siblings, and a beloved four-legged-friend, Luna, the dog! That’s what GRANDMA LOIS is doing, as she starts the New Year parenting her three precious grandchildren, ages six to fifteen, completely re-ordering her life to welcome them into her heart and home! And that’s also what first-time parents ELISE and CARTER are doing, as they say “yes” to becoming part of The Villages Healthy Families parent support program — investing in being the best possible parents for their twin infants, KATIE and KYLER!
New beginnings are the daily story of The Villages’ work with children, youth, and families … 3,100 of them EVERY DAY! But YOU, our partner, our volunteer, our donor, our investor, are the AUTHOR, helping us write these life-changing stories!
Your support was the “guiding light” for The Villages Mission throughout that tempestuous 2020 year; and we know that your hands and your hearts will embrace us, and those we are SO privileged to serve, once again, in 2021! Here’s to NEW BEGINNINGS … and most importantly, HERE’S TO YOU, OUR UNWAVERING CHAMPIONS FOR CHILDREN!
Our Deepest Thanks,



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