Thank You For Sharing Your Sunshine With The Villages

Sharon Pierce is the former president and CEO of The Villages. 

“Stay close to the people who feel like sunshine. They are the ones who will be there for you on the rainy days.”
Hoda Kotb

Dear Friend of Children,

As the thermometer moves upward a bit (there was only ONE way to go after several weeks), my guess is that ALL of us are enjoying the sunshine! Indeed, I’m sure this reflects the feelings of the 3,100 children The Villages is so honored to serve, each and every day, who have experienced far too many “rainy days” in their young lives. EACH of you, through your generous donations and support, provides that energizing SUNSHINE, daily, as we do all we can to meet the needs of every Villages child, youth, and family who continue to be compromised and challenged, not only by the trauma of child abuse and neglect in their life but also by COVID 19 and its impact.

YOU are there, helping us deliver “porch pantries,” which provide much-needed groceries; stacks of desperately needed diapers and formula; offering a wi-fi device or new iPad to assure a child’s e-learning can continue to flourish; and new dishes, gift cards, and bedding for older youth suddenly making their own way in an apartment.

The “Two Beths” you will read about in this issue are creating SUNSHINE, every week, as they tutor the children in The Villages Family Connection Network Kinship Care Program. They’re making certain the children they are guiding are prepared for tomorrow’s test, book report, or homework assignment! How exciting it is that The Villages Kinship Care Program, which crosses two and three generations, was the “brainchild” of Beth Breman, a high school senior, and the daughter of former Board Chair Rhonda Yoder Breman. As I shared the story of Beth Breman’s idea for tutoring the children of our selfless kinship caregivers, one of my dearest friends, Beth Smith, a retired kindergarten teacher, said, “Well, I would love to do that!” So, this multigenerational program is being showered, not with rain, but with SUNSHINE, by TWO GENEROUS BETHS from two generations!

In March, ALL of The Villages Family feels we are BEYOND LUCKY to be showered, not with rain, but with much-needed SUNSHINE, thanks to the generous investment of your time, talents, and treasure in those we are SO very privileged to serve!

With Deepest Thanks,

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