Meet the Kinnick’s

Dave and Debbie Kinnick, both retired, have been caregivers to their three grandchildren for twelve years.

Debbie and Dave were living a “kid free” life until a phone call twelve years ago. The Indiana Department of Child Services notified Debbie that her daughter had just given birth to a premature baby girl who had illicit drugs in her system. Debbie recalls being told if she and Dave did not get to the hospital right away, their nine- and five-year-old grandsons would be placed in foster care. Debbie said she and Dave rushed to the hospital, met with a case worker, and before they knew it, they were leaving the hospital with their two grandsons. The boys returned home with their parents soon after. Six months later, soon after their granddaughter was released from the hospital all three grandchildren were placed back with Dave and Debbie. A few years later they adopted all three kids.

Today, Dave and Debbie’s oldest grandson is 20 and lives on his own. Their 16-year-old grandson is a junior in high school and their granddaughter is now 11 and in sixth grade and enjoys playing soccer. Debbie and Dave both agreed that raising their grandchildren was not what they had planned for their retirement years and has not been an easy journey, but they would do it all over again. They attribute a lot of their success of raising their three grandchildren to The Villages’ Family Connection Network program. The support groups, resources, and help specifically for kinship caregivers has truly made a difference and they are forever grateful.

Thank you, Dave and Debbie for stepping up and making an incredible impact on your three grandchildren and so many others. You are a true inspiration.

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