Goelzer Investment Management Steps Up on Giving Tuesday

It has been another record-breaking year of giving to The Villages of Indiana thanks to many volunteers, donors, corporations, foundations and supporters. One of the most recent fundraising milestones was The Villages second annual participation in Giving Tuesday.

When planning for this global, one-day giving event fueled by the power of social media and the digital community, The Villages team connected with a wonderful partner, Goelzer Investment Management located in Indianapolis, IN. With more than 27,000 children in need of services across the state, Goelzer recognized the urgent need to engage the community to support the foster children The Villages’ so diligently serves.

Goelzer was proud to step in as a matching partner and committed to matching the first $2,500 raised by The Villages on Tuesday, November 27th. Their match was the catalyst in bringing many donors to give their best gifts and allow The Villages to raise over $17,000 on Giving Tuesday, a large leap over what has been raised in years past. This impactful day of giving was a proper kick-off to The Villages end-of-year giving campaign and provides a secure start to 2019.

The Villages team is truly thankful for the generosity of Goelzer Investment Management and your generosity in “standing the gap” for Indiana’s most deserving children on Giving Tuesday. Thank you for recognizing the ability we have to help these families as they provide strong, stable, and loving homes for our most vulnerable children and youth.

Goelzer Investment Management

Goelzer Investment Management’s mission is to add value to their clients’ investment portfolios. Their core values reflect the significance of this mission, and they strive to deliver the outcomes and results that clients expect. The believe that intensive investment research and establishing strong, long-term client relationships are the key to success. To learn more about Goelzer Investment Management follow the link to their website.


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