All babies deserve to be Pamper’d – Join The Villages’ diaper challenge

Many children and families at The Villages were blessed recently by a very generous donation from Ann, a friend and donor, who felt called to purchase 1,000 diapers to support The Villages’ in our mission to provide  loving, nurturing and safe homes for the increasing number of children entering the foster care system.  Ann learned that the average age of children entering the system is younger than in previous years, creating more of a need for diapers to support a child’s health and wellness.

Ann sprung into action; and you can follow in her footsteps! Not every person feels the tug on their heart to become a foster parent, but every person can open their heart to a child in other ways. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, a national organization whose mission is to help spread awareness of diaper needs so all young children remain clean, dry and healthy, one in three U.S. parents have reported suffering from diaper needs.  Help create financial and health assistance for an entire family and donate or fundraise to provide diapers to a child at The Villages.  

Join our diaper challenge

Sponsor a child’s health and their right to a clean diaper by helping us reach our goal to have a supply of 1,000 diapers for our families. This campaign will continue through the month of August. Purchasing diapers is as simple as reviewing our wish lists on Amazon.  We will be collecting diapers at our Indianapolis Office and Ameriplex Office to be distributed to those in need statewide.

Ann’s donation of 1,000 diapers!!

Through Ann’s donation, our foster parents are able to reallocate money that would go to diapers, to instead take children to a movie, buy treasured new Mickey Mouse sheets or save for the next month’s needs. Join other community members, like Ann, to provide a healthier tomorrow by supporting children and families of The Villages. 

Thank you, Ann, and to all our generous donors!

Please email Sarah Cline at with any questions.


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