CHAIRish 2012: Artist Spotlight, Beth Ann Ferguson

As we gear up for our CHAIRish event on November 9th, we want to put a spotlight on some of our hardworking artists.  We’ve asked them to provide us with chairs in progress, as well a statement explaining their vision for their piece.  This week Beth Ann Ferguson gives us a sneak peak into her two chairs.

Your Journey Starts Here(Child’s rocking chair)



Life is a constant movement. With every second passing there is always something shifting and creating movement. Every moment is different somehow and it is impossible to repeat the same thing twice in life unless you can reverse time to the moment in which something occurred. With everything you do in life you must think of how you want that moment to be for you. Your free will gives you the chance to make that choice. This is your one life to live from being born to the moment you are no longer alive. What direction will you take?  Your journey starts here….




Inspire the Journey(Adult rocking chair)


Children are so pure and learn from their experiences. Children grow physically, mentally, and emotionally at a rapid rate in comparison to adulthood. I appreciate children for how they are. I am inspired by them. I have the fortunate opportunity to have my own children and work with them daily. I strive to motivate them to care about themselves, what they can do for others, and accomplish great things in life. I hope to give them all the best out of life. The best I can give is my love.


I also have the opportunity to teach art to students in their early teens. I think of how I can make a difference in their lives daily. Sometimes I take moments out of the scheduled school day to just listen to their thoughts, ideas, achievements, and frustrations. I hope to give them the opportunity to grow and change for the quality of themselves and for the future adult they will become. I am very thankful to have a hand in inspiring young minds for our future generation.  And my journey continues…




What do you think about the progress of Beth Ann’s chairs?  Are you an artist that can relate to the process by which she creates and forms the chairs to represent her vision?  If not, isn’t it interesting to see how an artist can take an idea and bring it to life?






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