Continuing our Commitment to Youth Beyond Foster Care

Sharon Pierce is the former president and CEO of The Villages. 

Dear Friend of Children,

AMBER, who had less than a 1.0 high school GPA, due to critical childhood health issues, graduated Cum Laude from Indiana State University, and is now getting her Master of public health degree. DAMIAN, who was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle to his night job, fully recovered, thanks to help from both The Villages and his awestruck co-workers. He is now pursuing his Associates degree. BECCA, despite a childhood and youth filled with endless hardships, is now a freshman at Butler University with a FULL scholarship majoring in music. FERNANDA, who you can get to know in this month’s e-newsletter, is defying the odds and succeeding after high school with the support of The Villages. These youth, and the hundreds of others like them that The Villages is so privileged to partner, CHARGE OUR BATTERIES daily!

The perseverance that The Villages older youth reflect day after day is inspiring to all of us. We remember well how difficult those years were when we, ourselves, were traversing from being a child to becoming an adult. But, most of us had an enormous support system surrounding us. One that was in place for us our entire lives! Amber, Damian, Becca, Fernanda, and their fellow youth aging out of foster care, look to us, The Villages, and YOU, as partner of The Villages, to be their support system. It is a role we take VERY seriously, and one that is vital every day of the year, not only at Christmas or graduation!

Alan McGinnis shared this thought on relationships: “Significant relationships come to those who assign them enough importance to cultivate them.” That is our passion at The Villages. Not only do we want to make certain the older youth we’re so honored to serve have the food, clothing, safe housing and medical care they need, we want them to have relationships, both with us and the people in their community. We want these youth to ALWAYS know they are valued, important, supported and cherished!

Our deepest thanks for helping us be a partner and a relationship older youth can count on!

With Deep Gratitude,

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