Foster parenting brings joy, fulfillment to Paragon couple

Instead of settling into a new phase of life as empty nesters, Bill and Michelle, parents of three adult children, decided on a different path – foster parenting.

Shortly after completing their foster parent training, the Paragon couple welcomed a boy into their home. Months later, his sister joined him. Soon, both children will be adopted by the couple.

“We’re giving the children stability, normalcy, and love,” Bill says. “We love them so much and are excited to have them in our family.”

The decision to foster parent was easy for Bill and Michelle. The couple was familiar with the process through friends who are foster parents,   who connected them to The Villages family.

Although training prepared them for their new responsibility, the couple admits reality set in quickly once they welcomed children in their home. Like most foster parents, they quickly became attached to the children.

“The love was instant,” Michelle says. “Like most children in foster care, (our foster children) needed time to adapt to us and our environment, but we did our best to help them understand that we won’t give up on them, no matter what.”

Bill says foster parenting has been a rewarding experience for him and Michelle. He encourages others considering becoming foster parents to be willing to adapt to the diverse needs of children in foster care.

“There will be challenges, but it’s important to accept the child and the situation. Remember to always be loving and have structure.”
To learn more about how to become a foster parent, join a virtual Info Night session. Find more information here.


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