Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent. Bringing a child into your home can truly change their life, and yours, forever! Here we’ve gathered some of your most frequently asked questions regarding the foster parent training process and licensing requirements.

After visiting an Info Session you might decide that foster parenting is the right journey for you. If so, then please sign up for our next training here. We look forward to meeting you!

20 hours of pre-service classes are required to start the foster parent process. Many of these hours are part of the Resource and Adoptive Parent Training (RAPT) modules. Specifically, you will be expected to complete all of the following:

  • RAPT I – Introduction to DCS | 3 hours
  • RAPT II  – Child Abuse & Neglect | 4 hours
  • RAPT III – Attachment, Discipline, & Effects of Care Giving on the Family Overview | 3 hours
  • Trauma Informed Care (TIC ) | 4 hours
  • Tools to Manage Behaviors (TMB) | 3 hours
  • Sexual Abuse (SA) | 3 hours

Classes do not have to be taken in order or all completed in the same month. If a class is missed or you cannot attend all in the month you started, you can attend the missed class the following month (or when your schedule allows).

In a married household, or a long-term relationship, each person must attend all 20 hours of training before being able to proceed with the process.

However, you do not need to take the classes at the same time.

Paperwork is handed out in class to begin the process.

Pre-training classes are good for four years. So, if you started classes but then had to stop you can start up where you left off if it was less than four years ago. You will need to be fully licensed within four years of completing the training or you will need to repeat all of the training.

Any paperwork that is completed is good for one year from the signed date.

CPR/First Aid/Universal Precautions is required for all foster parents. The Villages pays for this training and the certifications are released to you once you become licensed with us. We will elaborate on these trainings during classes.